Birth photographer Natasha Hance and her associates work together to provide unique and reliable professional birth photography and videography to the DFW community. Natasha has been documenting births since 2009 and started as NHance Photography and after seeing the need for a team approach to better serve our clients, Birth Unscripted was born. While others may have limited availability or backups, we work together as a team so a photographer you can trust will always be available for you. Between our team, we’ve documented hundreds of births and work quietly and seamlessly within your birth space to capture your moments as you experience them, so you’ll always remember.

We've earned a reputation with care providers for working quietly and respectfully beside them.  You or your care providers never have to worry about our presence causing disruption.  We are experienced and we understand birth.  We understand that birth is unpredictable and there is nothing that can happen at a birth that we can't handle with professionalism and sensitivity.  

We have trained together and our style in both shooting and editing are uniform and your birth will be documented with our quality standards, regardless of which one of us attends your birth.  




Since we share call, whoever is on call that day is who will attend your birth. You would have someone available no matter what. If there were an extreme emergency, we do have great relationships with other very talented birth photographers who we could call, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Making this as stress free as possible is very important to us. We work together as a team and it's our highest priority to make sure you feel like your birth is important, because it is. We will always make it our personal goal to make sure you feel comfortable with each of us so that you will feel safe with whoever ends up with you in your birth space. We each believe that birth is sacred and should be treated as such.  


We have a gorgeous studio and office in North Fort Worth where we do our complimentary consultations in our comfortable media room.  Once we have completed your birth story, we invite you to come back for a movie reveal (optional).  You can invite your birth team and/or friends and family where we will watch your slideshow/video (or both) on the big screen together and reminisce about your birth. 




Downstairs is our beautiful brand new studio where we do maternity and newborn portrait sessions.  It is stocked with gorgeous fabrics with lots of color and texture to style your newborn session to fit your vision.  We also have a variety of dresses for mom for maternity/newborn.  Our newborn sessions are done with care with two of us to assure safety for your little one.  

Some of our features include