Expected in December


We are so excited to be adding another little one to the family in December.  In honor of this exciting time, we've chosen to hire a professional birth photographer to document this special day.  In lieu of material gifts, it is our wish that you contribute to our photography investment.  


This is an example of what your registry page will look like.  You can customize your welcome message and explain why having your birth documented is important to you and your family.  Once you have reached 100% of your goal, we will remove the payment option and update your page.  Contributions can NOT be redeemed for cash, but can be used for your birth package, add-ons such as maternity/newborn, albums and canvas.  Contributions are non-refundable.  Clients are still responsible for the balance of their selected package that isn't covered by contributions. 


So far your gifts have covered


of our total investment.  Thank you!

Sara & Matt